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Cargill a lancé CocoaWise, une plateforme de données en ligne qui permet de mieux connaître la chaîne d’approvisionnement




Cargill a annoncé ce 1 er octobre 2020, le lancement de CocoaWise, un portail numérique qui donne l’accès aux industriels du chocolat d’accéder aux données sur l’origine du cacao qu’elle leur vend.

Avec CocoaWise, Cargill veut accroitre la transparence et la traçabilité de sa chaîne d’approvisionnement. C’est un portail numérique qui donne un accès rapide et facile en ligne aux données de durabilité de la chaîne d’approvisionnement en cacao de Cargill. Les industriels peuvent voir en temps réel les communautés auprès desquelles ils achètent leur cacao.

Cargill promeut la transparence de la chaîne d’approvisionnement avec la Carte CocoaWise et Bean Tracker. La carte CocoaWise est une carte interactive qui indique le nom et les emplacements de 128 coopératives en Côte d’Ivoire, 7 points d’achats au Ghana et 11 points d’achat au Cameroun. Tandis que Bean Tracker trace les fèves de cacao grâce à des codes-barres.

Pour améliorer la transparence financière, Cargill propose CocoaWise eFinance des solutions de paiements mobile, afin que les agriculteurs soient payés de manière équitable, précise, et sûre.

Enfin, grâce à trois outils, l’entreprise américaines propose d’améliorer la transparence d’impact avec trois outils :

CocoaWise ProFarm : un ensemble d’outils numériques, permettant aux agriculteurs de prendre des décisions éclairées, basées sur l’agronomie, la météo, et des informations sur l’accès au marché.


La SMB sort du rouge avec un profit net de 5, 96 milliards FCFA à fin septembre 2020




D’après les résultats publiés par la Société Multinationales de Bitumes a renversé la tendance avec un résultat net qui a augmenté de 949 % à 5,96 milliards FCFA.

Le chiffre d’affaires de la SMB est passé de 76, 285 milliards FCFA à fin septembre 2020 à 79, 550 milliards de FCFA à fin septembre 2019. C’est une augmentation de 4 %. Cette hausse s’explique par l’augmentation des quantités vendues (+12 %) malgré une baisse de l’index du prix (-43 %).

Le résultat des activités ordinaires est devenu positif : il est passé d’un résultat négatif  de 0,667 milliards de FCFA à fin septembre 2019 à  résultat positif de 8,547 milliards de FCFA. C’est une hausse de 6,660 milliards FCFA. Cette augmentation est imputable à la politique d’optimisation continue des frais d’exploitation et la consolidation du Plan de Continuité des Activités.

Le profit net a augmenté de 949 % et s’est établit à 5,96 milliards FCFA à fin septembre 2020.

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Utilize Social Media NOW for your Business: 10 reasons why




The POWER of Social Media is an easier sell to we the Generation Y business owners (1981-1996). We have a relatively healthy grasp of the before and the aftermath of the internet boom. This aforementioned power of social media is pretty obvious to Generation Z (1997-2012); that’s all they’ve known since they became “aware”.

It’s the large number of Baby Boomers (1946-1964) and a lot of Generation X (1965-1980) that might be a bit stuck in their old ways and to them I respectfully say: FOLLOW THE NUMBERS!

The math tells us that there are 3.96 BILLION active social media users as at three months ago. That word “active” means that many more accounts have been created and almost 4 billion of them are not dormant; they are regularly used.

Considering that there are currently over 7.8 billion people in the world now, that’s half of the entire world population. I wish I could add the statistics for Ghana’s social media activity. I will take Selassy’s advice and write these articles earlier and on time but in the meantime, I could bet you one pesewa that your target market is on the internet, RIGHT NOW.

The frequent question is, how do you reach them? That’s not what I’m addressing today. It should make for a good follow-up article next week.

WHY YOU SHOULD REACH THEM is what we are deliberating. Here are 10 reasons why.


1. The first one is obvious, MORE SALES. The principal aim of most businesses is to sell the goods or services that they’re set up for. Half of the world is on the internet actively engaging with other people and businesses. If you aim to reach more people and get more engagement with prospective customers, social media will play a vital role. The world is getting more and more digitally interconnected and social media is the present and future of marketing.

2. Social media engagement GENERATES REAL BUSINESS LEADS. These are real people. In a pandemic, the world has readily embraced the need to incorporate digital technology. The people that are liking and commenting on the content that businesses put on social media are as real as people standing right in front of a billboard. This is just a quick, easy and effortless way for potential customers to express interest in your product.

3. Most businesses have a website with the full pitch, the full information about the product or services that will seal the deal with any interested and ready customer. The problem is, not everybody knows your company, or where to get the necessary info to make a decision. Social Media can INCREASE YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC when it’s designed to direct people to your website. There’s already a lot of traffic between social media user accounts. When you’re part of that traffic, any engagement with your social media handle can very easily direct people to your website.

4. Also, by indulging in all this social media engagement together with half of the world, you MAKE YOUR BRAND RECOGNISABLE. I don’t have the stats but I could bet you another pesewa that customers would choose brands they have interacted with on social media rather than totally strange ones. By staying on the minds of the public, you increase your chances of actually closing a sale when the opportunity presents itself or when a customer is ready to buy. You humanise your brand and make your company easily accessible and approachable.

5. By making yourself recognisable, you INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS. It’s true that 60% of Instagram users discover new brands on social media. Don’t lose out on that. Social media companies are mainly driven by their ability to display ads to a targeted audience. So, when you join the social media, you can promote your ads. It can be a picture with a simple message. Or a short video with whatever message you want to convey. It’s relatively inexpensive and very easy to get the assurance of a lot of eyes on your message at very little cost.

6. Also, you get to USE SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS. Just like on TV, there are some people that are popular and powerful on social media. Studies show that word of mouth has about 50% chance of swaying a purchasing customer. When someone is actually ready to buy a product or procure a service, a good word from their favourite personality on social media can help. And it doesn’t have to be a big shot celebrity. There are equally long-reaching accounts on social media that are run by normal people that will charge you a fraction of what the big celebrities will.

7. Imagine GOING VIRAL. Just imagine it. Imagine being as viral as Big Shaq. He went viral because of content he made during a radio interview… RADIO! Yet, it wasn’t radio and TV that made him a household name. It was social media. YOU or your business stand a chance of going viral should your content resonate with the masses. When that happens, for however long it lasts, you will have Ghana’s attention… technically half of Ghana but that’s still a massive lot of people to introduce your business to.

8. It’s possibly never happened to you, and I hope it doesn’t, but if a crisis does befall you, then you don’t want to not have a strategy for SOCIAL MEDIA CRISIS MANAGEMENT. It is crucial because in the times we find ourselves, it is social media that disseminates information the quickest. If your company ever has a crisis and word needs to be put out fast and well, you will need a social media plan. To execute an effective social media plan, you have to have been active and engaging with your target audience on social media.

9. Regardless of crisis, smart companies frequently execute REPUTATION MANAGEMENT strategies. During all the interactions that happen on social media, one could influence how others think about and perceive your company. It’s better to get ahead of it. Your current and prospective clients are discussing your product. They’re looking at the good sides and the bad sides to choosing your company. If you follow very carefully, you can contribute to throwing more light on the positive and address the negative before it turns into a full-blown crisis.

10. Social media is accessible to anyone with internet. It means you will see what your competitors do and have many other ways to MONITOR YOUR COMPETITORS. It means you’ll be able to tell when they put out important information, when they launch new products, and when they alter their way of doing things. Your competitors are your competitors because they’re doing something right and staying in business. Through social media, while you monitor opposition strategies, you can capitalise on what they’re doing wrong by offering a better experience to win over customers.


I remember a time when you’d have to get a flat-bed trailer truck, get some sound systems with some marketers dancing to popular music while the truck slowly drives through traffic to bring attention to your product, service or event. It’s called a float! It’s a FLOAT! I remembered the word late but I like the description I gave before so I’ll keep it in.

Well, now, with just the internet and a resonating message, you can reach tens of millions of people in a jiffy as opposed to a street float reaching smaller than a very minuscule fraction of that. Look at the screenshot displayed here. That’s the social media analytics of the 3-day, less-than-a-week, intermittent, non-targeted buzz about the #GhanaEconomicForum on just Twitter.

This is literally magic to the marketers of many decades ago! Get in on that.

Hit me up on social media and let’s keep the conversation going! I read all the feedback you send me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Go to to read all my previous articles.

Have a lovely week!

Maxwell Ampong is an Agro-Commodities Trader and the CEO of Maxwell Investments Group, a Business Solutions Provider. He is also the Official Business Advisor to Ghana’s General Agricultural Workers Union of the Trade Union Congress (TUC). He writes about trending and relevant economic topics, and general perspective pieces. LinkedIn:/in/thisisthemax   Instagram:@thisisthemax   Twitter:@thisisthemax   Facebook:@thisisthemax   Website:   Email: maxwell@maxwellinvestmentsgroup

The post Utilize Social Media NOW for your Business: 10 reasons why appeared first on Ghana Talks Business.

Ghana Talks Business

The post Utilize Social Media NOW for your Business: 10 reasons why appeared first on African Media Agency.

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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Meet the CEO who started his business with GH¢1,400 and capitalized on trolls to grow it




Behind major brands and businesses are resilient individuals who mostly began with little seed capital, and had to battle the opposing force of life to attain success.

Godfred Obeng Boateng, the CEO of A1 Bread, one of Ghana’s biggest brand in the bread-making business is one of those resilient individuals. With a seed capital of GH¢1,400.00 which he borrowed from his mother, Godfred Obeng Boateng started his A1 bread-making business from a garage in Kumasi and sold them on the streets, whilst studying at KNUST.

Godfred Obeng Boatend saw a business opportunity with the absence of a well-known bread brand in his locality. He therefore capitalized on the opportunity, and commenced the production of the A1 bread brand.

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The challenges
Godfred Obeng Boateng recounted in an interview two years ago how he burnt up several loaves of bread before finding his foothold in the bread-making process and how the company was out of business 3 weeks after it began.

“I was thrown out of business after 3 weeks, after I had borrowed money from my mother to start the business. I borrowed GHC1400 from her as seed capital. Apparently, my friend who rented his uncle’s garage to me, kept the money instead of giving it to his aunt so they came to throw us out,” he said.

In 2017, while selling A1 bread on the street, he was spotted by popular Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo, and a photo of Godfred was taking by John Dumelo and posted on Instagram with the words

“Just saw a KNUST grad hawking in traffic.. what went wrong?”

The game-changer
Some sections of the public thought it was wrong for John Dumelo to post such a statement on social media. John’s post soon became a subject of controversy.

Godfred Obeng Boateng was however not derailed by the comment but rather used it to his advantage. As people kept wondering about the brand, he kept on boosting his supply and satisfying their curiosity.
Popular Ghanaian music producer Hammer of the Last Two Music Group, who knew Godfred Obeng decided to partner with Godfred and together expanded the A1 brand from Kumasi to Accra.

“He (Godfred) watched me change people’s lives and he has done similar in his industry. I’ve known him for a while in Kumasi; I told him the potential in Accra and I told him about why he needs to set up in Accra and so he gave me the task, and I made sure that A1 bread comes to Accra,” Hammer said in an interview.

“Most of the people selling on the streets are my rappers. People who want to rap; who worry me they have a demo; they are all making money now,” he further said.

According to Hammer, he makes lots of money from A1 Bread than he did in the music business.
Towards the end of 2018, Godfred Obeng revealed his company makes a total of 60,000 bread daily, 30,000 loaves of bread in Kumasi, and about 30,000 in Accra respectively. He sells each loaf of bread at GH¢5.00. Working on the mathematics, A1 generates a gross income of GH¢300,000.00 daily which translates to GH¢9,000,000.00 per month, holding all factors constant. This is a great feat.

Barriers to entry

A1 bread made plans to expand its business to the Central Region targeting Cape-Coast. His distributors, however, were “chased away” by the members of the Cape Coast Bakers Association and their distributors.
In a report, the secretary of the Cape-Coast Bakers Association, Mimi Walker said, allowing A1 bread in Cape-Coast will tarnish the already battling bakeries in the metropolis.
Godfred Obeng Boateng is however not deterred by the actions in Cape-Coast and is much more focused on expanding his business across parts of the country.

Giving Back
In December of last year, the management of A1 Bakery distributed loaves of bread with fan ice to many Ghanaians on the streets of Accra as both a Christmas gift and a means of expressing their appreciation to its numerous customers.
Giving the feat that his business has achieved, former president Jerry John Rawlings, in 2018, commended Godfred Obeng Boateng for his creativity in establishing a bread business that has become a household name.

The post Meet the CEO who started his business with GH¢1,400 and capitalized on trolls to grow it appeared first on Ghana Talks Business.

Ghana Talks Business

The post Meet the CEO who started his business with GH¢1,400 and capitalized on trolls to grow it appeared first on African Media Agency.

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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